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Navicare has been envisioned and set up with the aim of providing services in a niche that are usually neglected and not catered to. There are a lot of myths and questions regarding treating patients for treatment of addiction (drugs, alcohol and tobacco) and pain management. Through Navicare, we want to facilitate that void and cater to the thousands affected by it.

Our management aims of enhancing the way in which care is provided for patients, and we feel that with our home based services we can touch a lot of lives.

Navicare will provide clinical homecare to hundreds of patients combined with excellent doctor-led patient support, pharmacy and distribution of medicine, with an in-depth understanding of patient care pathways.

We are partnering with health systems such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, de-addiction centres and pharmaceutical companies. Our focus is to continue to develop innovative models of care that meet patients' evolving needs outside of the hospital in both acute and long-term conditions.

Navicare has one core philosophy: ‘The patient comes first!’

We constantly challenge the accepted norms in healthcare and adopt new technologies and medications to deliver better care for patients. While Navicare has always been bold and pioneering in our approach, we have always been guided by simple logic – we do everything we can to make sure that the patient always comes first. While treating addiction, we understand the stigma and feelings of the patient and their families associated with it. Thus at Navicare, we ensure complete anonymity and confidentiality of the patient.


Every member of our team, from doctors to drivers, has the same patient focus, and is dedicated to delivering the best possible care.

Our Mission

To provide de-addiction and pain management treatment at home with a patient-centric model integrating the best quality medicines, technology and home care services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading healthcare provider in home-based treatment in De-addiction and Pain Management in India.

Our approach to delivering high-quality care relies heavily on collaboration with patients, families, relatives. We routinely collect and analyze patient, doctor and counsellor feedback through patient treatment progress reports and surveys and use this to monitor and continuously improve all aspects of our service.

Rusan Pharma

We are a fully integrated global pharmaceutical company specializing in the treatment of addiction (drugs, alcohol, smoking) , Pain Management and Tuberculosis (MDR-TB).

Our Niche is –

Addiction Treatment: Currently Rusan Pharma Ltd. is one of the few Indian companies that offers a one-stop-shop solution for treating various form of addictions such as drugs, alcohol and smoking. For drug addiction – Buprenorphine sublingual tablets, Methadone syrup/tablets, Naltrexone tablets/implants, Naloxone pre-filled syringes. For alcohol addiction – Naltrexone tablet/implants and Nalmefene tablets. For Smoking addiction – Nicotine skin patches/nasal sprays/oral sprays.

Pain Management: Rusan is one of the few companies that have products to treat various degrees of pain right from mild to severe pain. Our pain management products include – Fentanyl injection/patch, Buprenorphine tablet/injection/patch, Morphine tablet/sustained release/injection, Nalbuphine injection, Tramadol, Oxycodone sustained release etc.

Currently, Rusan is one of the few Indian companies that offers a one-stop-shop solution for treating various forms of addictions such as drugs, alcohol and smoking. We are one of the reputed and largest suppliers of life saving drugs (De-addiction, pain management and anti-TB drugs) to various organizations / ministries like NACO, UNODC, UNOPS, Global Fund, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice of countries like India, Europe, UK, Russia, CIS, South Africa, Mauritius, Nepal, Myanmar.

Since 1994, Rusan has been in the fore-front of making Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) an acceptable form of treatment in India. Rusan has been working closely with various NGOs, doctors, hospitals, clinics, reputed government institutions such as AIIMS, NIMHANS, KEM funding agencies such as Global fund, DFID and now NACO for scaling up the OST in India. The national program for the treatment of opioid addiction was started at KEM using Methadone syrup manufactured at Rusan.

Rusan Pharma is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of various narcotics and psychotropic products in india and internationally.

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