Franchising Opportunites

Initial Investment

LOW: 20,00,000

HIGH: 25,00,000

Clinic Revenue/Month

LOW: 7,00,000

HIGH: 10,00,000


Why NavicareTM Franchising?

The benefits of working under the umbrella of a large organisation cannot be over-emphasised. You enjoy the best of both worlds. On one hand, as owner of an independent business, you leverage your entrepreneurial capabilities. On the other hand, a nationally recognised brand like NavicareTM minimises your risks.

All the knowledge and expertise required to successfully run the business is ensured from our end. You will have access to our years of healthcare domain knowledge and expertise.

Who can be a Franchisee?

NavicareTM selects its prospective franchisees with utmost care. We conduct a thorough due diligence before finalizing a franchisee. Some of the minimum requirements that an NavicareTM Franchisee must have are:

  • A high level of interest and commitment to healthcare as a business, especially in the area of de-addiction & pain management.
  • Prior experience in successfully managing one’s own business, preferably in the service industry
  • A strong entrepreneurial spirit and zeal to succeed.
  • Adequate financial resources.
  • Ability to manage people.
  • A good social standing and reputation.

All our franchisees must also be:

  • Committed to treating both – various forms of addiction and management of pain.
  • Willing to undergo rigorous training and a desire to learn various aspects of managing a healthcare enterprise.
  • Genuinely interested in people and be sensitive to his neighborhood’s requirements.


Franchisor (NavicareTM)

Clinic Setup Assistance: NavicareTM assists the franchisee to start operations by providing guidance in clinic layout, security measures, suggest inventory, advertising templates for branding.
Induction & Continuous Training Programs (Onsite / Head Office / Web-based): A 1-2 day training package for the clinic staff on treatment protocols, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the clinic management software. NavicareTM also provides continuous training support for the franchisee.
Products: Navicare’s strategic tie-ups, it is able to provide the best medicines currently known and globally accepted for the treatment of addiction and management of pain.
Licenses: NavicareTM will assist and enable the clinic to get the Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Drugs (NDPS) licenses for the clinic to enable the doctors to store and dispense the much needed Narcotic & Psychotropic medicines used for the treatment of addiction and management of pain.
Audits: Regular audits from the NavicareTM head office will help the franchisee ensure they are compliant as per the latest amendment in the NDPS laws of India.
Toll-Free Number & Service: Navicare’s pan-India toll free number enables patients across India to connect to us and get more information on the services and locations of NavicareTM clinics.


Clinic Maintenance: The franchisee is responsible for arranging the finance required to purchase / rent the premises and cover the monthly expenses required for the smooth running of the clinic.
Clinic Staff: Recruit and employ the minimum staff required to run the clinic.
Clinic Management Software: Software monthly fees & ensuring all data is recorded online.
External Training (Offsite / Web-based): NavicareTM recommends that the doctors / counsellors at the franchisee undergoes a certification course by leading institutions of India such as – All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS; New Delhi), KEM (Mumbai) and other reputed institutions. This will ensure the best possible treatment is delivered to the patients of NavicareTM.
Patient follow-up: It is responsibility of the clinic staff to follow-up with it’s patients on a regular basis.
  • Local Advertising & Branding:
The franchisee is responsible for In-Clinic and local/regional advertising / branding for it’s services.


Franchisee Approval Process




Initial Financial Requirements

Initial Investment requirement
i.e. Clinic Setup Cost (One time):

20,00,000 – 25,00,000

Net Worth Requirement:

25,00,000 – 30,00,000

Liquid Cash Requirement:

5,00,000 – 15,00,000

Ongoing Fees

Initial Franchisee Fees (one-time):

10,00,000 per clinic

Ongoing Royalty Fees (Monthly):

12% of Clinic's Gross Income

Clinic Revenue

The Gross Income of the clinic (Monthly):

7,00,000 – 10,00,000 per month

The Gross Income of the clinic (Yearly):

84,00,000 – 1,20,00,000 per year

Franchising Options

NavicareTM Franchising currently
offers no in-house financing to cover the following:
  • Startup costs
  • Equipment
  • Inventory

Start-up Incentives

50% off first-clinic Initial franchise fee

Clinic Details

Minimum Area required: 1000 sq. ft. on the ground floor level
Store Location: Preferably located on main road or high street near a large residential area.
The number of employees required to run: 4 – 5 people
Minimum Clinic Staff:
  • Clinic manager (1 person)
  • Pharmacist (1 person)
  • Receptionist (1 person)
  • Doctors/Counsellors (2 people) – Pain and De-addiction
  • Outreach workers (Optional) – 1 to 2 outreach workers - for generating leads of patients seeking treatment for addiction.


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