What is Navicare?

Navicare is India’s first home based services for the Treatment of Addiction of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and Pain Management Services for the treating joint pain & muscle pain, post operative pain, physically disabled patients, palliative /cancer.

How will Navicare treat the patients?


The treatment will consist of 3 main parameters namely:

  • Assessment
  • Medication
  • Counseling

Based on the assessment and severity of the condition, the doctor will chart out a treatment plan based, on which the patient will be advised on the same. Along with medications, counseling will be stressed upon to help counsel not just the patients but also the families.


For treatment of Pain, post our doctor visit and assessment, a treatment plan will be designed for the patient.

Which specialty of doctors do you have on board?

At Navicare we have qualified Psychiatrists, Counselors, Physiotherapists, Pain specialists & a Clinical nurse. The doctors on the panel come with experience and clinical practice from the most reputed institutions in India.

Can Navicare provide the treatment for all kinds of addiction?

Navicare is one stop solution clinic for treating drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Navicare can also treat other forms of addiction such as prescribed drugs, etc. To see the range of treatment for addiction, please visit our website www.Navicare.com

What kinds of medication are provided to the Patients?

Navicare follows the protocol set by the American and Indian FDA for the treatment of both addiction and pain. To treat, the use of narcotics, psychotropics and non-narcotics are prescribed by the doctors. These are given in the form of sublingual tablets, oral tablets and transdermal patches.

What are the benefits provided by Navicare?

  • Personalized Care: Personalized care by competent professionals offering a customized care plan prescribed for your treatment.
  • Quicker Patient Recovery: In one's comfortable and secure home environment.
  • Efficient through Technology: Centralized Patient Database and treatment progress monitoring through technology
  • Anonymous and Confidential: We at Navicare, understand the stigma and hesitation associated with addiction, thus we ensure complete anonymity and confidentiality to our patients and their families.

Any other support is provided apart from deaddiction treatment?

Yes. We also support pain management after discharge from the hospital. We treat all patients suffering from Chronic Arthritis, Joint Pain, Palliative Pain, and Cancer Pain.

How will patients be updated with their treatment records and consultations?

Navicare has integrated its services with superior technology to enable faster and better assistance to its patients. Based on the patient convenience the appointments can be scheduled. Patients undergoing treatment for drug de-addiction will have to follow a strict regime in the 1st month of as prescribed by the doctor to enable best recovery and stability. The patients and their families will be supported with e-prescriptions, receipts, etc.

What would be the duration of the treatment?

The minimum duration of treatment is for 3 months which is then subject to change as per individual progress.

What are the charges to the patients at first assessment & follow up?

First assessment fee is Rs. 2500/- for and the follow up charges are Rs. 2000/-

How would the doctor visit us? Or how is the doctor visit is scheduled in the treatment??

The doctor would be providing the details after the first check up also we’ll be messaging to remind you regarding the follow up with all the details. At rare instances, doctor will have a webcam chat with you as a surprise follow up to deal with in process de-addiction treatment.

Will our diagnosis/ medical details remain confidential with us?

At Navicare we understand the stigma and social pressures associated especially with treatment of addiction. We take utmost care to ensure that patient details are anonymous and confidential.

Is there any need to provide treatment to the patient in Rehab Centre?

Once the doctor has conducted the first assessment, they will guide you accordingly, if they feel that the case requires in-patient treatment such as at a Rehabilitation centre. The family and patient will be guided appropriately in such cases.

Navicare Contact Details?

Yes: Toll Free No: 18004190702 or email us at info@navicare.in
Navicare Clinic: Oshirwara, Jogeshwari (West)

Would there be a relapse of Addiction after the treatment?

Addiction is complex and involves few parameters towards success of a treatment. With the treatment the patient withdrawals are reduced and compliance is increased overtime giving the patient scope to focus on their psychological implications. The treatment requires extensive will power from the patient and family support to make it a success. Thus, at times with extensive support and co-operation we can help prevent the relapse but not avoid it 100%.

How Navicare is different other pain management services?

Navicare specializes in niche areas of not just providing services, but in Treatment and that is the core difference between us and other companies.

Are there any side effects caused due to medicines provided by the doctors?

The side effects are generic in nature which is applicable to any medicine. Before prescribing the medications the doctors will assess the patients and inform them about any side-effects.

In the treatment of pain management is the patient assisted by a nurse or staff on 24*7 basis?

Navicare doesn’t offer services of a nurse or 24*7 staff, but we can always suggest in case of a situation.

When is the best time for the patient to seek the treatment of addiction abuse?

The sooner the better, if the addiction can be curbed at an early stage, the chances of being free from the addiction increases. Thus we suggest that any signs or indications once seen should not be neglected and immediate action should be taken.

Does the patient have to follow any particular diet plan while seeking treatment?

The right diet plays a very important role as while on substance abuse hunger is usually affected adversely, and can results in lack of appetite and/or bingeing.

Does Navicare provide treatment even to adolescents who are addicted to drugs?

Yes, we do provide treatment for adolescents, and will be based post the first assessment conducted by our specialists.

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